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FL Dems Launch New Ad: Gifted

Tallahassee, FL — The Florida Democratic Party today released a new television ad, “Gifted,” highlighting Dorothy Hukill’s record of reckless finances and her history of looking out for herself: voting year after year to raise her own pay but refusing to pay taxes herself. In fact, Hukill has been fined by the IRS for failing to pay her taxes, and was even sued by her credit card company for unpaid bills. The ad comes as Hukill is under fire for paying her son $100,000 for consulting work. The ad is airing on major television stations, proof and transcript below. 

“While middle class families are struggling, Dorothy Hukill was looking out for herself: spending our tax dollars to give herself pay raises year after year, but refusing to pay taxes herself,” said Brannon Jordan, spokeswoman for the Florida Democratic Party. “Florida families are tired of Tallahassee politicians like Hukill who waste our tax dollars on themselves and stick Florida families with the bill, and Hukill’s history of reckless finances shows that she can’t be trusted with Florida’s future.” 


DATE: 9/24/12 

VO: They say it’s better to give than to receive.  Leave it to a Tallahassee politician like Dorothy Hukill to enjoy giving to herself, again and again.


Hukill voted to give herself pay raises three times,

Daytona Beach News Journal, 6/23/01; Florida Legislative Record, 2006-2007.

and spend 44 million dollars a year for free healthcare for lawmakers like her. But everyone else get’s stuck with the bill.

Miami Herald, 05/09/2009.

Hukill was fined by the IRS for not paying taxes and was sued for unpaid credit card bills.

The Internal Revenue Service

Charged Hukill “Interest and

Penalties.” Dorothy and John Hukill married in Great Neck, NY, in 1977. They divorced in 1991.According to the “property settlement and

separation agreement” in their divorce case, they had a “1990 Federal Tax Liability in the approximate sum of Six Thousand and 00/100($6,000.00) Dollars plus interest and penalties.”

(Hukill v. Hukill, Volusia County Case No. No. 91-3523-FM-CI)


Hukill was sued by American Express for unpaid credit card bills. American Express, in 2007, sued Dorothy Hukill

over “$9,841.08 in unpaid charges and account fees” that were due on or around June 1, 2007. Dorothy Hukill paid American Express $10,850.00

to settle the case. (American Express v. Hukill, Volusia County Case No. 07-24159-CONS)

Dorothy Hukill, she’s one gifted politician.



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