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FL Dems Launch New Ad: Control

TALLAHASSEE, FL — The Florida Democratic Party today released a new ad, “Control,” highlighting how Republican Ellyn Bogdanoff cut funding for education and supports a extreme voucher scheme that will drain millions from our local public schools and give our tax dollars to out of state corporations who are trying to profit off our children’s education. The ad is airing on major TV stations, proof and transcript below.  

“When Republicans like Ellyn Bogdanoff weren’t cutting billions of dollars from our education system, they were supporting a voucher scheme that drains millions of our tax dollars from our local public schools and gives our money to out of state corporations who want to profit off our children’s education,” said Scott Arceneaux, Florida Democratic Party Executive Director. “Strong public schools are the pathway to growing our economy and helping middle class families succeed — but our schools are suffering because the GOP and Bogdanoff put corporations and out of state companies ahead of parents, teachers, and our students. That’s a bad plan for Florida’s middle class families, a bad plan for our schools, and a reckless and fiscally irresponsible way to waste our tax dollars.” 

This week, the Florida Democratic Party has been highlighting the “darker side” of the GOP’s support for vouchers, charters and virtual schools, releasing a fact sheet and spotlight demonstrating how the Republican voucher scheme is a reckless waste of tax dollars and hurts our teachers, parents and students.  



DATE: 9/27/12 

Whether fighting for smaller class sizes or stopping teacher layoffs, Maria Sachs has always fought to improve our schools.

And Republican Ellyn Bogdanoff? She voted to take local control of our schools away from teachers and parents and give it to Tallahassee special interests.

Senate Bill 1546, 2011



“Welcome to the darker side of Florida’s world of charter and virtual schools.” “Welcome to the darker side of Florida’s world of charter and virtual schools. In recent years, state legislators who espouse the virtues of school choice – and private companies who’ve profited from picking off traditional public school students – have reshaped the educational landscape to an unsettling degree.” [Orlando Sentinel, 9/19/12]  


She even voted to cut 1.6 billion dollars from our public schools and for a voucher scheme that drains millions more.

The Sun Sentinel, 5/2/2008; House Bill 5001, 2008; Senate Bill 1718, 2012; The Sun Sentinel, 3/8/1998; The Sun Sentinel, 3/12/01.


Republicans cut funding for public education for five consecutive years, including cutting $1.3 billion in 2011 alone. “The budget does not make up for five consecutive years of cuts to K-12 spending, including $1.3 billion in cuts Scott approved last year.” [Times Herald, 4/18/12


Florida Republicans gave $55 million to for-profit Charter schools, while public schools got zero dollars. “School district officials across Florida are bemoaning the Legislature’s decision to cut traditional public schools out of PECO — the Public Education Capital Outlay program. The state’s 350 charter schools will share $55 million, while the approximately 3,000 traditional schools will go without.” [Orlando Sentinel, 7/25/11


See also: “Get the Facts on Charters, Vouchers and Virtual Schools,” [FDP, 9/24/12]


Ellyn Bogdanoff fights for right wing special interests and not for us.




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