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The RPOF's week in review: Brothels on Monday, Hookers on Friday.

It’s been a tough week for the scandal-plagued FL GOP. Let’s recap:

Monday: Republican State Rep. Mike Horner resigns after after being linked to a brothel in Orange County

TuesdayThe Miami Herald’s Marc Caputo pens a scathing piece on the checkered past of Congressman David Rivera’s pal Ana Alliegro and her role in the Lamar Sternad/David Rivera shadow campaign and subsequent FBI probe.  

Wednesday: The Palm Beach Post reports that the Republican Party of Florida was forced to fire their consulting firm when the County Supervisor of Elections flagged 106 voter registration applications submitted by the firm as “questionable.” Before the termination, the RPOF had paid the firm, Strategic Allied Consultants, $1.3 million.  

Thursday: An explosive report by the Miami Herald reveals that failed candidate Lamar Sternad told federal law enforcement authorities that Congressman Rivera – aka “The Gangster” —  was behind a shadow campaign for Sternad ‘that might have broken federal laws.’   

Meanwhile, the Sarasota Herald Tribune and Tampa Bay Times report that a campaign donor to Congressman Vern Buchanan has pleaded guilty to illegally funneling contributions to Buchanan’s campaign and the RPOF — using a pattern of deception and an MO that is shockingly identical to Buchanan’s own attempts to funnel donations to his campaign through employees at his used car dealerships.

Friday: The RPOF’s voter registration scandal grows, as the Associated Press reports at “least 10 counties have identified suspicious and possibly fraudulent voter registration forms turned in by a firm working for the Republican Party of Florida,” prompting the Florida Democratic Party to call for the state to revoke the RPOF’s voter registration license. 

And finally, the Orlando Sentinel reports that Delmar Johnson — the state’s star witness in the criminal fraud trial of former RPOF Chairman Jim Greer — told attorneys in a sworn statement that he saw a golf cart full of women he believed to be prostitutes at a Republican Party Fundraiser in the Bahamas.


Brothels on Monday. Hookers on Friday. What a week for the RPOF. 

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