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As GOP Forms Circular Firing Squad, FL Dems Renew Call to Revoke RPOF's Voter Reg. License

Tallahassee, FL — As Florida Republicans turn on each other, forming a circular firing squad as news of their voter fraud scandal escalates, the Florida Democratic Party issued the following statement, renewing the call for the State of Florida to revoke the Republican Party of Florida’s 3rd Party Voter Registration License.   


“In the words of former President Bill Clinton — it takes some brass for the Republican Party of Florida to complain about voter fraud, when they are the ones committing the fraud, and this scandal has revealed a level of hypocrisy which is rarely seen even by the tarnished standards of the Florida GOP.  As Florida Republicans and their field consultants turn on each other and lob accusations and counter-accusations, it is becoming increasing clear the RPOF lacks the institutional controls to be trusted as a third party voter registration organization, and we renew our call for the state to immediately revoke the Republican Party of Florida’s third party voter registration license.”


Florida Republicans and their consultants are turning on each other over their voter registration scandal. “It’s such a mess that the Republican Party of Florida has filed an elections complaint against the Strategic Allied Consulting, which then turned around and bashed…. The Republican Party of Florida.” [Miami Herald, 9/30/12

Bloomberg: Republicans End Swing-State Voter Sign-Up After Firing Company. “The Republican National Committee ended efforts to sign up new voters before the deadline in key states for the presidential race because of questions raised over registration applications tied to the party. Republican parties in Florida, Colorado, Nevada, North Carolina and Virginia — all states that both campaigns view as competitive — fired Glen Allen, Virginia-based Strategic Allied Consulting, the company in charge of registrations, said Kirsten Kukowski, a spokeswoman for the Republican National Committee. The national committee also canceled its contract with the company, its only vendor signing up new voters, Kukowski said.” [Bloomberg, 10/01/12

The GOP’s voter fraud scandal has escalated to 10 counties. “At least 10 Florida counties have identified possibly fraudulent voter registration forms turned in by a firm working for the state’s Republican Party, election officials said today.” [USA Today, 9/29/12

The scandal has revealed the RPOF’s blatant hypocrisy. “For the better part of two years now, Gov. Rick Scott and the Florida Republican Party have been scouring the state like a sheriff and his posse, hot on the trail of election bandits. Turns out, our Republican gunslingers didn’t have far to look. The wily varmints corrupting Florida’s electoral process have been working right under their noses. Republican party operatives were running what appear to be a fraudulent voter registration activities in at least nine Florida counties (including Miami-Dade) and probably more. And they were doing it with party money.” [Miami Herald, 9/29/12]


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