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Five Questions for HD-42 GOP Candidate on Mike Horner Scandal

Mike Horner Has Been A Disgrace To His District and the People Deserve Answers

Tallahassee, FL — Today, as the GOP’s new candidate for HD-42 holds a press conference, the Florida Democratic Party is demanding he answer questions about former Rep. Mike Horner’s prostitution scandal which forced him to resign in disgrace.  

Five Questions for Mike:

  1. When did members of your party, including House leadership, learn about Mike Horner’s  prostitution scandal?
  2. Do you think it is appropriate for Mike Horner to remain President of the Osceola Chamber of Commerce?
  3. Do you feel that Mike Horner owes his constituents a public apology? To date he has only apologized to his family. 
  4. Do you think Rep.Chris Dorworth should return funds from his joint CCE, Citizens for Enterprising Democracy, with disgraced Mike Horner?
  5. How do you plan to convince voters to cast a ballot for Mike Horner, a man whose values don’t represent the district?


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