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FL Dems Launch New Ad: Trust

Kathleen Peters’s record of financial recklessness shows she can’t be trusted with our tax dollars

TALLAHASSEE, FL — The Florida Democratic Party today released a new television ad, “Trust,” highlighting Josh Shulman’s record as a businessman and his commitment to investing in our public schools, in contrast to Kathleen Peter’s history of reckless finances which show she can’t be trusted with Floridian’s tax dollars. The ad will begin airing on major television stations today. Proof and transcript below. 

“As a small businessman, Josh knows firsthand how to balance a budget and pay bills on time — and he also knows that the best way to help businesses create jobs and grow our economy is to invest in our public schools and keep class sizes small,” said Florida Democratic Party Executive Director Scott Arceneaux. “Unfortunately, Kathleen Peters has a record of fiscal recklessness which we don’t need in Tallahassee, and Peter’s past of debts and liens shows that we just can’t trust her with our tax dollars, or with our state’s future.” 




TYPE: 30 Seconds TV
DATE: 10/2/12 

VO: As a small business man, Josh Shulman knows how to balance a budget and pay bills on time.


VO: He’ll invest in schools, keep class sizes small and he’ll fight property insurance hikes, helping our businesses stay in Florida. We can trust Josh Shulman to look out for us.

Core Values, “We need to make sure that our public schools are a quality choice for Florida families. “


Republican budget cuts are forcing schools to layoff teachers and cut programs like arts and athletics. “Critics said it doesn’t cover the $1.3 billion cut they got last year…That has school officials contemplating layoffs and the elimination of such programs as arts and athletics” [AP, 4/17/12. See also: WSVN, 4/27/10; The Ledger, 2/20/11; Ocala Star Banner, 9/19/11; Orlando Sentinel, 5/17/11]


Citizens Insurance: A storm over reinspections, rate hikes [Times/Herald, 8/11/12]“The campaign — which has intensified at the urging of Gov. Rick Scott — has already cost homeowners hundreds of millions of dollars. And the pocketbook impact could easily reach the billions as more and more homeowners are affected.”



VO: Kathleen Peter’s company failed to pay taxes or maintain an operating license. She was even taken to court for failure to pay her rent. Do you trust her with your tax dollars?

Florida Department of Revenue Lien #02-20633, Pinellas County Tax Records for Tangible Property Account #T73522.


Pinellas County Clerk of the Circuit Court Instrument #2011182114.


Pinellas County Case No. 11-2548-CO-40

VO: Kathleen Peters: A risk Pinellas County can’t afford.



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