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FL Dems Condemn Racially Offensive Ad, Call For RPOF To Pull Spot in SD 8 Race

Tallahassee, FL — In response to a racially offensive and derogatory ad attacking Frank Bruno for his Italian American heritage aired by the Republican Party of Florida on behalf of the Dorothy Hukill campaign, the Florida Democratic Party today joined with Frank Bruno and local Italian American leaders in condemning this misleading ad and called for the RPOF to apologize to Florida’s Italian American community and pull these radio spots. 


“This offensive, derogatory ad is insulting to all Floridians who expect and deserve a substantive debate about the important issues facing our state. But it’s not surprising that Dorothy Hukill and the Republican Party of Florida would stoop to these lows — Hukill knows that she can’t run on her record of slashing funding for education, draining millions from our public schools and universities while wasting our tax dollars to give herself pay raise after pay raise — while refusing to pay taxes herself. Hukill’s self-serving behavior, and the GOP’s broken politics, are exactly why Florida families are fed up with Tallahassee, and we call on the RPOF to pull these offensive ads and apologize to Florida’s Italian American community.”


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