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Sink, Chapin Condemn Webster's Extreme Record on Women's Issues

Tallahassee, FL — Former CFO Alex Sink joined with Former Orange County Mayor Linda Chapin on a call today to condemn Congressman Dan Webster’s extreme record which is out of touch with Florida values and hurting Central Florida women and families. 

Instead of focusing on growing our economy or helping businesses create jobs, Congressman Webster has consistently prioritized an extreme agenda: voting to deny women access to lifesaving healthcare — and even restrict access to contraception — while also voting against ending unfair wage discrimination practices, costing Florida women thousands of dollars every year. 

“Central Florida women have a clear choice in this election,” said Alex Sink. “Congressman Webster has consistently put his partisan agenda above the needs of women and families. He’s voted against ending the unfair wage discrimination that costs Central Florida families thousands of dollars every year. And he’s consistently voted in favor of restricting access to the most basic health care services for women – like birth control, cancer screenings and critical preventative care. These misguided values are wrong for Florida’s women, wrong for our families, and the wrong direction for our country.” 

“Floridians want our elected leaders to put partisanship aside and solve problems — but unfortunately, Congressman Dan Webster seems more interested in pursuing an extreme, partisan agenda than looking out for Florida’s women and families,” said former Mayor Linda Chapin. “Congressman Webster should be focused on growing our economy and help businesses create jobs — not rubber stamping a Tea Party agenda that is out of step with the values of our community. Central Florida women deserve a new leader we can trust to stand up for us, and the stakes are too high to afford another term of Congressman Webster’s backward agenda.”


Webster Co-Sponsored Life at Conception Act.  In February 2012, Webster signed on as a cosponsor of HR 374, the Life at Conception Act. [HR 374, Cosponsors]

Webster Voted to Repeal Health Care Reform. On January 19, 2011 Webster voted for HR 2, a vote to repeal President Obama’s health care reform package. The vote passed, 245 to 189 but died in the Senate. [HR 2, Vote 14, 1/19/11]

Webster Voted Against Considering Paycheck Fairness Act. On May 13, 2012 the House voted on debating and voting on the Paycheck Fairness Act. Webster and all other Republicans present voted for prohibiting the debate. The motion passed, 233-180. [H Res 667, 5/13/12]


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