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FL Dems Launch New Ad: That's Nepotism

TALLAHASSEE, FL — The Florida Democratic Party today released a new television ad, “That’s Nepotism,” highlighting the recent scandal surrounding  Dorothy Hukill’s record of giving her son’s company, Crimson Consulting, over $100,000 in campaign funds  — and the company’s refusal to pay local taxes. The ad will begin airing on major TV stations starting this week. Proof and transcript below. 

“The scandal surrounding Dorothy Hukill’s nepotism confirms what we already knew about this Tallahassee politician: she’s looking out for herself, not the best interest of central Florida residents,” said Brannon Jordan, spokeswoman for the Florida Democratic Party. “Whether its giving herself pay raises year after year while refusing to pay her own taxes, or funneling her campaign funds to her son’s bank account, Dorothy Hukill’s questionable financial practices have shown time and again that she simply can’t be trusted with our tax dollars, or with our state’s future.” 



TYPE: 30 Seconds TV 
Date: 10/15/12 

Hukill: “Nepotism is, you are a government person and you hire a family member.


Hukill: That’s Nepotism.”

“Marc Bernier Show,” 9/28/12

VO: Dorothy Hukill would know. Hukill gave over 100 thousand in campaign funds to her son’s company which is based in Hukill’s home.

Hukill’s son gets $100,000 as campaign’s consultant,” Daytona Beach News Journal, 9/23/12


“The firm is Crimson Atlantic Consulting. State Division of Corporations records show it’s managed by Jonathan Hukill, a 2004 graduate of Spruce Creek High School and the candidate’s son…Crimson Atlantic was created in December 2009, state records show. The address listed for the business is Dorothy Hukill’s home. The company’s post office box listed on campaign expense reports is the same as the one used by the candidate.”


FL Department of State, Division of Corporations, FL Division of Elections.

Interviewer: “Well how many people work in the shot? “

 Hukill: “It’s him”

Interviewer: “Just him. So he got $100,000?” 

VO: And never paid any city or county taxes on it, he never even told them he’s there.


“Marc Bernier Show,” 9/28/12









Search of city and county occupational licenses; conducted week of 10/8/12.


Hukill: “Nepotism…Nepotism is…”


VO: Just the way Dorothy Hukill works.



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