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FL Dems Call on Romney To Return Donation From Ultra-Radical Group

TALLAHASSEE, FL — Following the October FEC report released yesterday which revealed that Mitt Romney accepted contributions from the ultra-radical, fringe organization known as GING-PAC which has run blatantly false and wildly offensive advertisements in Florida newspapers, the Florida Democratic Party today called on Mitt Romney to return the donation he accepted from this group and condemn their incendiary and inaccurate advertising.   


“By accepting a contribution from this fringe and radical organization, Mitt Romney has demonstrated yet again that he is out of touch with Florida’s values, and shown a level of questionable judgment by his campaign which should give Floridians pause. The incendiary and inaccurate charges leveled by this group are not only completely false — but they should have no place in our political discourse. We call on Romney and his campaign to immediately return the contribution he has accepted from GING-PAC, and condemn this any and any future advertising from this ultra-radical organization.”


Politifact wrote that GING PAC’s advertising “filled with falsehoods.” [Politifact, 9/28/12]   

8/22/12: Government Is Not God PAC Contributed $1,000 To Romney Victory. [Romney Victory, FEC October Quarterly 2012, 10/15/12


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