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Momentum for Obama in FL

Three new polls are showing increased momentum for President Obama in Florida heading into the final debate in Boca.

  1. A NewsMaxZogby poll shows the President widening his lead in FL to 6-percentage points over Mitt Romney, and also shows that he is performing strongly amongst moderates and the state’s crucial Hispanic demographic. 
  2. A new Project New America poll shows Obama up 3-points over Romney, and indicates voters believe Romney is more likely to raise taxes on the middle class. The PNA poll also gives Obama an edge on issues of trust and decision making. 
  3. A new SurveyUSA poll also shows Obama leading Romney. 

@politicalwire: Two new Florida polls today show Obama leading… 

Florida Poll: Obama leads Romney 48 to 42% in new poll [The Examiner] “President Barack Obama have a bounce from his performance in Tuesday night’s second presidential debate, widening his lead in Florida to 6 percentage points, according to the third of three NewsmaxZogby Tracking Polls…President Obama leads among Hispanics (73 percent-16 percent), African-Americans (88 percent- 5 percent), liberals (91 percent-6 percent), and moderates (59 percent-29 percent).” 

Another Florida poll with Obama/Romney neck-and-neck  [Orlando Sentinel] “Barack Obama now holds a small, three point lead in Florida, garnering 48% of the vote to Romney’s 45%…By a large margin, Floridians believe President Obama is the one who understands middle class struggles while Romney is more ‘out of touch.’ The President also has a lead, albeit more narrow, when it comes to trust, decision making and taking a long-term view. Voters are also inclined to believe that Romney is ‘more likely to raising taxes on the middle class’ than Obama.”

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