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Major FL Newspapers Agree: Nelson for U.S. Senate

On the heels of last weekend’s endorsement by the Tampa Bay Times, this weekend the Orlando Sentinel, Miami Herald, Tampa Tribune and Palm Beach Post all issued strong endorsements of Senator Bill Nelson — marking a clean sweep of virtually every major FL newspaper. Each editorial has underscored Sen. Nelson’s record of working across the aisle to solve problems, and that Nelson has been a vocal and effective champion for issues Floridians care about: whether fighting to stop offshore coastal drilling, protecting Medicare for seniors or working to preserve the Everglades. Every endorsement has also pointedly reminded Floridians that Connie Mack IV is lacking in both the competency and character to lead. Highlights below: 

Orlando Sentinel: Nelson in the U.S. Senate

“Nelson is a veteran public servant — a two-term U.S. senator, former state insurance commissioner, U.S. House member and state legislator. In the Senate, Nelson has been a champion for NASA and Florida’s role in the U.S. space program. A law he co-authored in 2010 wisely extended the life of the International Space Station and supported the development of commercial spacecraft, both positive developments for Florida and the space program as a whole…With moderates an endangered species on Capitol Hill, it would be a loss for Florida and the nation if voters kicked out a centrist like Nelson in favor of a partisan like Mack.”

Tampa Tribune: Keep Nelson in the U.S. Senate

“Mack oversimplifies the challenge of spending less in a slow economy with increasing numbers of citizens entering Social Security and Medicare…Nelson is a thoughtful, experienced senator whose moderate inclinations are often hard to see amid the extreme partisanship that has gripped Washington in recent years. He is the better choice for Florida.We believe he’s right…Nelson is well positioned in a divided Senate to help find a workable compromise. We know if he is re-elected, there will be times we will disagree with his votes. But we also know we can trust him to listen to all Floridians and work hard on their behalf.”

Miami Herald: Nelson for the Senate

“Sen. Nelson’s record as a centrist on national issues and as an effective advocate for things Floridians care about — stopping coastal drilling, protecting the rights of Medicare recipients, restoring the Everglades — make him a formidable candidate…Sen. Nelson has repeatedly shown an ability to work across the aisle on Florida’s behalf, the kind of voice Florida needs in the Senate”

Palm Beach Post: Nelson over Mack for U.S. Senate

“Connie Mack III was a congressman and two-term U.S. senator from Florida. Connie Mack IV has no business holding any elected office…Sen. Nelson’s main accomplishment has been protecting Florida’s coastline from oil and gas drilling. In 2006, he worked out a compromise that kept rigs at least 125 miles from the beaches that support the state’s tourism industry. This issue has had bipartisan support from the state’s congressional delegation, but Sen. Nelson has done most of the work. As follow-up, he worked to ensure that 80 percent of the fines incurred by BP for the 2010 spill will go to restore coastal areas damaged by the record discharges of oil.”

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