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FL Dems Launch New Website: The Romney/Hasner Tapes

A Special Investigation Into What Adam Hasner Really Thinks About Seniors, Veterans and Young Adults

TALLAHASSEE, FL — The Florida Democratic Party today launched a new website,The Romney/Hasner Tapes — a special investigation into what Adam Hasner really thinks about our seniors, veterans and young adults. The site highlights how Adam Hasner and Mitt Romney both support an extreme, Republican agenda that is out of touch with Florida’s values: raising taxes on middle class families while giving handouts to billionaires and millionaires, ending Medicare as we know it raising the cost of healthcare for seniors by thousands of dollars every year, limiting access to lifesaving healthcare for women and slashing funding for vital education programs like Pell Grants. 

The site also includes new footage of Adam Hasner echoing Romney’s infamous, “47-percent” comments, in which Hasner states: “And when you think about the fact that you have nearly 50% of Americans not paying taxes, you have nearly 50 million Americans on entitlement programs, on food stamps, you realize that we’re reaching that point.”

“Just like Mitt Romney, Adam Hasner supports an extreme, Republican agenda which would hurt Florida’s middle class families,”said Florida Democratic Party spokesman David Bergstein. “Whether it’s increasing taxes on middle class families to pay for tax giveaways to billionaires and millionaires or trying to turn Medicare into a voucher system, ending this program as we know it and raising the cost of healthcare for seniors by thousands every year, the virtually identical policies espoused by Romney and Hasner are out of touch with the values of Florida’s families. With both his words and actions, Hasner has shown that he is more interested in prioritizing the extreme policies of the GOP than growing our economy or helping businesses create jobs — and these misplaced priorities make it impossible for middle class Floridians to trust Hasner with our state and our country’s future.”


   The Adam Hasner Record:                                                   The Mitt Romney Record:

The Hasner Record on Taxes:

Hasner supports Romney’s tax plan, raising taxes on the middle class to pay for tax cuts for the very wealthy. Rather than close loopholes for the big oil companies and corporations that ship jobs overseas, and will raise taxes on middle class families by about $2,000.

The Romney Record on Taxes:

Romney will raise taxes on the middle class to pay for tax cuts for the wealthy. The Romney tax plan will cut taxes for the richest by $250,000. Independent experts say there’s only one way to pay for that giveaway: raising taxes on the middle class by $2,000.

The Hasner Record on Medicare

Adam Hasner supports the Romney-Ryan plan to end Medicare as we know it. Hasner’s plan raises the cost of prescription drugs and wellness check-ups. Hasner could cost seniors $6,400 more a year.

The Romney Record on Medicare:

Romney will end Medicare as we know it, replacing guaranteed benefits with a voucher that doesn’t cover senior’s health care costs. The Romney-Ryan plan could cost seniors $6,400 more a year.


The Hasner Record on Women’s Healthcare:

Like Mitt Romney, Adam Hasner supports overturning Roe v. Wade, defunding Planned Parenthood, and restricting women’s access to health care. As a Tallahassee lawmaker, Hasner’s voted to force women to have unnecessary, costly ultrasounds.


The Romney Record on Women’s Healthcare:

Mitt Romney’s agenda will limit women’s access to essential health care. Romney would defund Planned Parenthood and raise the cost of contraception and mammograms. Romney would even take us back to the days when just being a woman was a pre-existing condition.

The Hasner Record on Education:

Adam Hasner supports Mitt Romney’s anti-education agenda. He’d cut over $100 billion from education, slashing Head Start and Pell Grants. Hasner has even called the Department of Education “low hanging fruit” he would “begin to eliminate.”

The Romney Record on Education:

Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan will slash education funding and make college less affordable for middle class families. Romney told students to just get “as much education they can afford,” and Ryan’s budget plan calls for drastic cuts to higher education.



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