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FL Dems Release New Mail Piece: Dorworth's 7 Deadly Sins

TALLAHASSEE, FL — On the heels of an Orlando Sentinel story detailing incoming Republican House Majority Leader Chris Dorworth’s record of lying about his sordid and scandalous financial history, the Florida Democratic Party today released a new mail piece: The 7 Deadly Sins of Chris Dorworth. The mail piece is below, and will hit households across Dorworth’s district this week.  

“Chris Dorworth is an embarrassment to the state of Florida and is not qualified to hold a leadership position in the legislature,” said Brannon Jordan, spokeswoman for the Florida Democratic Party. “The fact that Republicans have selected Dorworth as their leader speaks volumes, and epitomizes the type of corrupt politics that has come to epitomize Tallahassee under the GOP’s control.”



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