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Mack's Hometown Papers Agree: Nelson for U.S. Senate

Connie Mack IV’s hometown papers – the Naples Daily News and the Fort Myers News Press – today joined with 10 major newspapers from across the state in endorsing Bill Nelson. Nobody knows Mack better than his hometown papers and they both agree: Bill Nelson for U.S. Senate.  

 Naples Daily News: Re-elect Bill Nelson for U.S. Senate

 “Has been successful and achieved much because he is a statesman. He is sensible and trustworthy — a stand-up guy. Nelson, a Democrat, can reach across the aisle to break gridlock and build constituencies to get things done…He is the kind of public servant we need more of in Washington these days.”

News-Press: Nelson has earned another term

“We endorsed our hometown Congressman Mack in the 2008 and 2010 District 14 elections, and we endorsed Nelson in his 2006 re-election race. This time we have decided to endorse Nelson for re-election. Nelson has the experience, seniority and accomplishments to merit a third term. In addition, he has a history of bipartisan cooperation, which is fundamental right now as Americans demand an end to gridlock, which threatens to take Americans off a fiscal cliff, come the end of the year due to expiring tax cuts.”

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