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FL Dems Chair Smith Calls on Gov. Scott To Extend Early Voting Hours Statewide

Call Comes Amidst Reports of Long Lines, Record Turnout Across the State

TALLAHASSEE, FL — Following news reports of long lines and record turnout at early voting locations across the state, Florida Democratic Party Chairman Rod Smith today echoed former Senator and Florida House Democratic Leader Dan Gelber in calling on Gov. Rick Scott to extend early voting hours statewide through Sunday: 


“In 2008, Floridians had 14 days of early voting — and Florida’s then Republican governor still found it necessary to extend early voting. The long lines at the polls show it was clearly a mistake for the GOP controlled Legislature in Tallahassee to cut early voting in half — but it is past time for Governor Scott to show some leadership and fix that mistake. This is not a Democratic or Republican issue: protecting the right of every eligible Floridian to make their voice heard by participating in our democracy is an American responsibility which every elected leader has sworn to uphold and defend. In light of of the record turnout this year, we call on Governor Scott to extend early voting hours in every county across Florida through Sunday, so that Florida citizens can exercise their constitutionally guaranteed right and freedom to participate in this election.

“To all Floridians of whatever persuasion, do not be deterred from casting your vote. It is the sacred duty of every citizen.”  


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