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FL Dems Statement on Victories Up and Down the Ballot

Dems Re-Elect Sen. Nelson, Pick Up Three Congressional Seats and Break GOP Supermajority in State Legislature

TALLAHASSEE, FL – The Florida Democratic Party today released the following statement on winning the U.S. Senate race, picking up at least three congressional seats and breaking the GOP supermajority in the state Legislature — picking up at least six seats in the State House, two seats in the State Senate and ousting four incumbent Republican Legislators. 


“It’s great to be a Florida Democrat tonight. We delivered Sen. Bill Nelson a decisive victory; picked up at least three congressional seats, six State House and two State Senate seats and sent four Republican incumbents in the state Legislature packing. We fully expect when all the votes are in that Florida will have, once again, delivered the state for President Obama. Additionally,  we are poised to gain even more seats in the state Legislature as five State House races – including that of future House Speaker Chris Dorworth – are too close to be called.

“Voters in Florida sent a clear message about their support for Sen. Nelson’s bipartisan leadership, provided a striking rebuke to the extremism of Gov. Rick Scott and the Republicans in Tallahassee, and underscored that our party’s message and policies of economic opportunity for middle class families are resonating. Floridians have made it clear they are ready for a new direction from their elected leaders with policies aimed at strengthening middle class families and ending the corruption and waste in state government.”


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