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Rick Scott's Math: Cuts to Public Schools, Tax Dollar Giveaways to Special Interests Cronies

Scott and the GOP’s cuts to education caused our schools to do away with programs like arts and athletics, but now he’s giving more of our tax dollars in hand outs to his special interests cronies

TALLAHASSEE, FL — Following today’s announcement by Gov. Rick Scott that he will give away more of our tax dollars to special interest cronies instead of investing in our public schools — which have already been forced to layoff teachers and cut vital programs like arts and athletics because of Scott and the GOP’s failed priorities — the Florida Democratic Party issued the following statement: 


“On election night, the people of Florida sent a clear message that they have rejected Gov. Rick Scott’s failed priorities and policies which have slashed funding for our public schools while giving hand outs to the corporate special interests who epitomize the broken politics of Tallahassee. But Governor Rick Scott apparently didn’t get the message: announcing today that he will hand out even more of our tax dollars in special interests giveaways instead of investing in middle class families. These are the wrong priorities to grow our economy, they are the wrong priorities to move our state forward, and they are same failed ideas that are out of touch with Florida’s values and have been rejected by Florida’s citizens.” 


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