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Statement from FL Dems on Florida's Unemployment Rate

TALLAHASSEE, FL — Following the release of Florida’s seasonally adjusted unemployment rate showing that President Obama and Democrat’s policies are growing our economy, but Florida’s unemployment rate continues to lag behind the national average of 7.9-percent under Gov. Rick Scott’s leadership, the Florida Democratic Party issued the following statement:  


“President Obama’s policies of growing the economy and helping businesses create jobs are leading our country out of the greatest recession since the Great Depression — it’s why Floridians turned out in record numbers to deliver this state for the President for a second time. Floridians know that growing our economy starts with investing in the middle class, a center point of which is investing in schools to create the next generation of new, good paying jobs. It is unfortunate that under Rick Scott, Florida’s economy continues to lag behind the rest of the nation. We hope that the Governor will take his cue from the President’s economic successes and change his priorities — which thus far have valued tax giveaways to corporate special interests over investments in the schools and infrastructure needed to grow our state’s economy for the middle class.” 


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