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Florida Republicans Vote Against Largest Tax Cut in American History

Rubio, Southerland and Webster Put Broken Partisan Politics Over Florida’s Middle Class Families

TALLAHASSEE, FL — Florida Republicans Sen. Marco Rubio, Congressman Steve Southerland and Congressman Dan Webster continue to show the people of Florida that they are more interested in prioritizing an extreme, Tea Party agenda instead of doing what’s right for Florida’s families — voting to increase taxes on the middle class by taking America’s economy over the Fiscal Cliff and opposing the “largest tax cut in American history.”

“Marco Rubio, Steve Southerland and Dan Webster have shown us that they’d rather raise taxes on the middle class and deliver a self-inflicted wound to our economy so that they can continue to pursue their extreme, Tea Party agenda which is out of touch with Florida’s values,” said Florida Democratic Party Executive Director Scott Arceneaux. “These three Republicans had no trouble voting to give tax breaks to millionaires and billionaires — but when it comes to protecting Florida’s middle class families — Rubio, Webster and Southerland opposed the largest tax cut in American history. This vote epitomizes the broken, dysfunctional politics of Washington and demonstrates yet against that Rubio, Webster and Southerland are part of the problem in Congress.” 


Republican House Ways and Means Chairman Called Measure “largest tax cut in American history.” “House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Dave Camp (R-Mich.) to defend the measure as the ‘largest tax cut in American history.’ The bill will indeed shield millions of middle-class taxpayers from tax increases set to take effect this month.” [Washington Post, 1/1/13]

White House: Deal cuts deficits by $737 billion. “The White House early Wednesday argued that the fiscal-cliff deal cuts deficits by $737 billion when realistic assumptions are made.” [The Hill, 1/2/13]

Republican Senator Marco Rubio, Congressmen Steve Southerland and Dan Webster voted against the measure. [AP, 1/2/13; Tampa Bay Times, 1/2/13]

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