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45 Minutes

That’s how long it took Floridians on average to cast their ballot in the last election. A new study shows that the national average was just 14 minutes. It took Floridians over three times longer than the rest of the nation to vote.

That’s only the average. We know many Floridians had to wait upwards of six, seven and even eight hours to cast their ballot. This is not only wrong — it’s outrageous.


After the election, Rick Scott and the Republicans said they “did the right thing” in passing the voter suppression law — even maintaining these excessive wait times made for a “fair” election. Now, four months after the elections debacle, Republicans are dragging their feet on reforms to fix a system they broke. 

The solution is simple: repeal the voter suppression law today and restore early voting back to 14 days.

Our right to vote is among the most sacred rights we have. Rick Scott and the Republicans need to hear from us. 

Sign the petition today and tell them “Restore our vote!”

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