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Florida Democratic Party News Clips u2014 February 14, 2013

FL Dems Slam GOP-led Corporate Charter School Trigger Bill

Parent Trigger Bill Revived In Senate [News Service of Florida] “A Republican senator has revived an education bill that sharply divided the caucus in 2012, potentially sparking a renewed fight over how big of a say parents should have in school overhauls and testing the newly conservative bent of the chamber…But opponents say the bill is meant to increase the number of charter schools in Florida and allow deep-pocketed companies to fund campaigns allowing them to essentially take over public schools. ‘We should focus our efforts on improving public schools, not giving up on them by handing the keys to a for-profit corporation,’ Senate Minority Leader Chris Smith, D-Fort Lauderdale.”

Florida Democrats ED Scott Arceneaux“After failing to ram their harmful bill through the Legislature, backers of corporate charters schools are back and once again pushing trigger legislation aimed at weakening Florida’s public education system. This legislation faced bi-partisan opposition last year for good reason: it’s bad for Florida’s schools.”


Rick Scott Plan for FL: Hand Out Millions in Tax $$ to Corporations and Jet Set to Paris 

Trip Comes as Scott’s Tax Incentives Continue to Draw Criticism…

Editorial: Eye On Enterprise  [News Herald] “ The Legislature should not grant Gov. Scott’s request for additional funding for economic incentives until there is solid proof that taxpayers are getting genuine bang for their bucks, with appropriate transparency and oversight.” 

Rick Scott Wants to Double Economic Incentive Budget During Controversy Over Program’s Effectiveness [FCIR] “These corporate handouts have been the bedrock of Scott’s job creation plans, along with massive tax breaks for businesses already in the state. No other governor has cut as many checks to corporations or used this program as vigorously as Scott.”


TWEET OF THE DAY: @FlaDems: UNF Poll: @MayorAlvinBrown still retains high support in Duval County w/ 70% approval rating 


Drip, Drip, Drip… Rubio’s Facade Begins to Crumble

Tour Marco Rubio’s $675,000 ‘Working Class’ Home [Tampa Bay Times] “That working class neighborhood line jumped out at Jose Lambiet, whose Gossip Extra site offers a tour of Rubio’s for-sale home, courtesy of MLS photos.”

Marco Rubio Is More Conservative Than You Think [Washington Post] 

Marco Rubio’s Personal Finances Don’t Match His Rhetoric [Huff Po] 

Marco Rubio: ‘I Don’t Think A Minimum Wage Law Works’ [Huffington Post] 


Bad Headlines Continue for FL GOP 

Editorial: Email Exchanges Raise Questions About Republican Leaders and Florida’s Congressional Redistricting [] “Aides to GOP legislative leaders regularly exchanged information with consultants, including some hired by the Republican Party of Florida, and sought advice on how the lines should be drawn, according to The Associated Press. This was going on while GOP leaders were promising to make the process as open as possible. The intervention, at best, skirted a ban on political favoritism in the redistricting process.” 

Why Did Jim Greer Plead Guilty? [Tampa Bay Times] For three years, former Republican Party of Florida Chairman Jim Greer denied doing anything wrong and promised a trial that would embarrass a lot of people. So why did he plead guilty to five felonies Monday facing the certainty of spending years in prison? And who paid Hank Coxe, a widely respected criminal defense attorney from Jacksonville who parachuted in  at the last minute and quietly negotiated the plea that brought the long-running soap opera to a close.

Did they learn nothing in 2012? RPOF Sends Valentines Day Love to Tea Party in New Op Ed [BizPac] 


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