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FL Dems: Rick Scott State of the State Nothing More than a State of Denial

FL Dems: Rick Scott State of the State Nothing More than a State of Denial

Chair Tant Joins Dem State Legislators to Highlight Scott’s Record of Putting Corporations Ahead of Florida’s Middle Class Families

TALLAHASSEE, FL – Today, ahead of Gov. Rick Scott’s State of the State address, Florida Democratic Party Chairwoman Allison Tant joined by Senators Darren Soto and Dwight Bullard along with Representatives Mark Pafford and Karen Castor Dentel gathered outside of the Governor’s office to discuss his record of putting big corporations and special interests ahead of Florida’s middle class families. The press conference followed the release of a memo today outlining the Governor’s State of Denial about his failed record.

At the press conference Chairwoman Allison Tant underscored Floridians aren’t buying Scott’s new poll-tested rhetoric which does not match his record: “After cutting more jobs than he created in Florida in 2012, failing to keep his promise to create 700,000 new jobs and a disastrous election year where the Florida GOP got their teeth kicked in, Gov. Rick Scott is running away from everything he campaigned on to get reelected. Thanks for the sudden interest in Florida’s families, Governor. But your State of the State is nothing more than a State of Denial about your record of putting corporations and special interests ahead of middle class families — and nobody is buying it.”

“We need to get our economy back on track for these families, but cutting our way to prosperity is just another part of Scott’s State of Denial,” said Sen. Darren Soto. Speaking about the lack of leadership from Rick Scott for Florida’s economy, Soto said that “no amount of election year about-faces on teacher pay and Medicaid expansion will convince Floridians that the Governor has their interests in mind.”

Teachers Senator Dwight Bullard and Representative Karen Castor Dentel spoke on the effects of Rick Scott’s failed record on Florida’s schools. “We know his record,” said Castor Dentel. “If he wants to create jobs and improve Florida’s economy he must start by properly funding our schools instead of giving tax breaks to big corporations at the expense of Florida’s students.” 

“We need a lasting and substantial commitment to public education, not a soundbite,” said Bullard. “Rick Scott thinks he can just flip a switch and undo all of the harm he has done Well Governor, you need to walk the walk.” 

Representative Mark Pafford said: “what makes these cuts so much worse is that this money isn’t going back to the taxpayers or into other state projects; it’s being given away to corporations and special interests with no accountability.” He went on to charge that “Florida’s Families deserve better then Rick Scott’s State of Denial, and we plan on holding him accountable for his failed policies.”

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