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FL Dems Statement on Sen Dems Calls for Commonsense Elections Reforms

Dems Outline 7 Reforms to Include in Elections Bill

Tallahassee, FL – The Florida Democratic Party today released the following statement echoing the calls of Senator Chris Smith and the Democratic Caucus to implement real reforms to Florida’s elections system, broken by Rick Scott and the Republicans in 2011 with the passage of the voter suppression law.


“Rick Scott and Florida Republicans broke our elections system and caused the electionsdebacle of 2012. Now they are proposing a bill that is nothing more than a band-aid over a gapping wound. I commend Senate Democratic Leader Chris Smith and the Caucus for outlining substantial elections reforms that will actually improve our elections and safeguard Floridians’ right to vote. If Republicans truly wanted to fix our elections system they would join the call of Senate Democrats insupport of these seven commonsense reforms.”

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