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Why Didn't Marco Rubio Lift a Finger to Help Dream Act Driver's License Bill?

Tallahassee, FL — Sen. Marco Rubio has been heralded as “the most important player for immigration reform in America,” but when push came to shove in his home state, he sat on his hands and did nothing. Why did Rubio sit on his hands as Gov. Rick Scott torpedoed the Dream Act driver’s license bill — one of the most important immigration bills of the session?

HB 235 was vetoed over the near-unanimous support of both chambers of the legislature. The measure would have allowed immigrants in Florida legally under deferred action status to obtain driver’s licenses, letting Dreamers drive to work or school, and making Floridians safer by ensuring that everyone driving has proven they know the rules of the road.

As one of the most prominent Florida Republicans and the most important Republican negotiation on immigration reform, Marco Rubio was uniquely positioned to help pass the Dream Act driver’s license bill — but he didn’t even lift a finger. Rubio could have spoken publicly in favor of the bill; he could have written a letter advocating passage to Gov. Scott; he could have spoken with legislative leaders to ensure his feelings were known. But Rubio did none of these things. 



“U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio…widely viewed as the most important player for immigration reform in America.” Let’s start with U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio, who is now widely viewed as the most important player for immigration reform in America. (Palm Beach Post, 4/10/13)

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