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FDP Releases Video Highlighting Governor Scott’s DREAMers Veto


Tallahassee, FL — In a preview for this weekends Jefferson Jackson Dinner, today the Florida Democratic Party released a video featuring Democratic legislators and DREAMers condemning Governor Rick Scott’s misguided, ideological veto of a commonsense, bipartisan bill that passed the Florida Legislature 151-2. The bill, HB 235, would have allowed undocumented immigrants with Deferred Action Status, known as DREAMers, to obtain driver’s licenses, enabling them to contribute to their communities and our state by attending school and going to work. Over 100,000 DREAMers will be impacted by Scott’s “mean spirited” veto.

Below is the script of the video:

TV NEWS ANCHOR: …a law that would allow so-called Dreamers, or young immigrants brought to the U.S. by undocumented parents, to get a driver’s license.

TV NEWS ANCHOR 2: The bill passed unanimously in the Florida Senate, and drew just two dissenting votes in the House.

Senator Soto: This was not a partisan issue.

Rep Bracy: I’m very disappointed in Governor Rick Scott.

Rep Stewart: This was a good policy. And then we get a veto. That is just wrong.

TV NEWS ANCHOR 3: Rick Scott hecho un balde de agua fría sobre las esperanzas de jovenes indocumentados en este estado.

Jose Salcedo: It’s  appalling, to not just to the people of a, that are, you know, undocumented like myself, but to everybody else out there.

Patricia: Recuerden todo esto. Somos personas como ustedes, que queremos integrarnos.

Jose Abastia: We, as Dreamers, we want that chance. We want the chance to be able to do something for this country.

Federico: Having that taken away from us would be more than regrettable, a huge mistake.

Patricia: En este momento, nosotros necesitamos ayuda.

Sen Soto: How can we shut the door on opportunity for this many folks?

Rep Rangel: Rick Scott really messed up this time.

Rep Bracey: It is my priority now to get rid of Governor Scott, and elect a new governor.

Rep Torres: We need to mobilize, we need to get the Hispanic community to come out, register to vote….


Protesters (Fading):  IN NOVEMBER, WE REMEMBER. 


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