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Scott Loses by Double Digits Despite Months of Flip-Flopping

It Didn’t Work: In Poll, Scott Loses by Double Digits Despite Months of Flip-Flopping

Scott loses independent voters, remains underwater on every key measure of support. 

Tallahassee, FL — It didn’t work. Rick Scott has spent the past five months flip-flopping and then flipping again on major issues to appease his Tea Party base and using all the powers of incumbency — including spending tax payer dollars — to boost his abysmal numbers. Yet despite that, only one-third of Floridians would vote to re-elect Rick Scott, and he still trails his potential Democratic rivals by double digits.

“Only in Rick Scott’s world does going from an F to a D- represent success. While polls will go up and down, what’s certain is that Florida voters do not trust this governor to fight for them and their families, and we are confident they will vote him out of office next year,” said FDP Chairwoman Allison Tant.

The new Quinnipiac Poll shows that Scott continues to trail two high-profile Democrats by double digits, and independent voters continue to oppose his reelection by over ten points. Scott also loses every key measure of support and is underwater with every demographic group — including a massive 25-point gap with women.

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