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Rick Scott's Florida

State ranks 45th in the nation for economic health for children

Yesterday the annual KIDS COUNT Data Book was published, and it paints a bleak portrait of Florida’s economic health under Governor Rick Scott—45th in the nation, to be exact.

In Rick Scott’s Florida, one out of every four children lives in poverty. In Rick Scott’s Florida, more than one in three children have parents who lack job security. In Rick Scott’s Florida, nearly half of all children live in a household that struggles to pay the rent. This is unacceptable.

The study confirms what voters already know: Florida cannot afford another four years of Rick Scott’s wrong priorities and failed leadership. Rick Scott has a proven track record of putting big business and special interests ahead of the needs of Florida’s children.  He cut over $1 billion in K-12 funding and hundreds of millions in higher education funding, and he has put millions in corporate welfare — including a $52 million sweetheart deal for a major donor — ahead of the help children need in this tough economy.

“He campaigned as a businessman who would use his experience as a CEO to govern,” said Florida Democratic Party Chairwoman Allison Tant. “Well, what corporation would rehire a CEO whose performance places him in the bottom 10%? Last week, we learned that half of Florida voters don’t think Rick Scott deserves to keep his job. This report shows why: Floridians are hurting and the Governor is not helping.”



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