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"No good choices"

Florida GOP Edits Interview with Chairman Lenny Curry to Omit His Outrageous Statement

The News Service of Florida recently conducted a 5 question interview with Republican Party of Florida Chairman Lenny Curry. When asked about the House Republican’s failure to expand access to affordable healthcare to over 1 million Floridians, Chairman Curry responded, “This is the one where there were no good choices.”

No good choices? Senate Republicans proposed a bipartisan solution that had the backing of the full Florida Senate, House Democrats, and a Republican Representative, and was in line with the Governor’s thinking ahead of session. But the House GOP rejected common sense and said no.

The majority of Floridians back expanding access to healthcare, and it makes economic and moral sense. Perhaps that is why when the Florida GOP reposted the 5 question interview, they only showed 4 of Curry’s answers. While they changed the title of the interview, they properly cited the source as “Margie Menzel, ‘Five Questions For Lenny Curry,’ News Service Of Florida, 6/26/13,” making it obvious to all they omitted 20% of the interview. 

Here is the answer the Florida GOP was too embarassed to repost:

Q: Is the public perception of Medicaid expansion going to trip you up next year?

CURRY: This is the one where there were no good choices. The governor took the information before him and made the best decision that he thought that he could. And then it had to go through the Legislature, and they made their decision, and that’s just the process. It is what it is at this stage. That’s why we have elected representatives.

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