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Republican Party of Florida Censors Chairman, AG on Expanding Access to Healthcare

Tallahassee, FL — For the second time in two weeks, Rick Scott’s Republican Party of Florida has been caught censoring follow Republicans (including their own Chairman) when the subject is Rick Scott’s abject failure to expand access to affordable healthcare this session.

On Monday the RPOF released a censored version of Attorney General Pam Bondi’s recent interview on Fox and Friends that edited out the segment of the interview where she dissented from Governor Scott’s position on expanding access to healthcare.

This comes just two weeks after Rick Scott’s RPOF censored their own Chairman, Lenny Curry, after he made an outrageous statement on healthcare expansion in an interview with the News Service of Florida. In a blatant example of self-censorship, the RPOF posted only four questions from the long-running interview series titled “Five Questions for Lenny Curry.”

Many of their members of the Florida GOP — from the Attorney General to the House Speaker to their own Party Chairman — seem unable to avoid insulting millions of Floridians, forcing the RPOF to censor their fellow Republicans.


Florida GOP Edits Interview with Chairman Lenny Curry to Omit His Outrageous Statement. When asked about the House Republican’s failure to expand access to affordable healthcare to over 1 million Floridians, Chairman Curry responded, “This is the one where there were no good choices.” The majority of Floridians back expanding access to healthcare, and it makes economic and moral sense. Perhaps that is why when the Florida GOP reposted the five-question interview, they only showed 4 of Curry’s answers. (, 6/27/13)

State GOP touts Pam Bondi’s Fox and Friends interview, cuts out her criticism of Medicaid expansion. The interview is just under four minutes, but RPOF’s email includes less than two. It cuts off when the conversation turns to Bondi’s opposition to the Medicaid expansion offered under the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare. “I felt very strongly that we should not participate in the Medicaid expansion, and the House of Representatives agreed,” she said. “So, therefore, Florida is not participating in the expansion of Medicaid, and I’m very proud of our state.” (PolitiJax, 7/10/13)

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