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Representatives Cruz and Pafford Slam Tony Bennett, Governor Scott in Wake of Grading Scandal

Tallahassee — Today on a press call Florida Representatives Janet Cruz (D-Tampa) and Mark Pafford (D-Palm Beach) called for Rick Scott’s Education Commissioner Tony Bennett to resign after AP reporting uncovered emails detailing Bennett changing the grade of a top GOP donor’s school at his previous post in Indiana. Bennett has since claimed he has the full support of the Governor. Today Rick Scott said Bennett is “doing a great job” — exactly what the Governor told another scandal plagued agency head, DCF Secretary David Wilkins, upon Wilkins’ resignation.  

“Floridians deserve answers. How can we trust Florida’s school grades — already the product of political manipulation — with Tony Bennett in charge?,” asked Representative Janet Cruz. “These emails raise serious questions about his professional reputation.” 

The Tony Bennett scandal is only the latest to befall the Scott administration. As the chief executive of the state, it is Governor Scott’s responsibility to find competent and qualified individuals to run state agencies. 

“First Lt. Gov. Jennifer Carrol, then DCF Secretary David Wilkins, and now Tony Bennett — it is time for Rick Scot to accept another resignation,” said Representative Mark Pafford. “Governor Scott and his political appointees have hijacked this state. He needs to wipe the chalkboard clean.”


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