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FDP Statement on RPOF's Shady Public Records Dealings Involving Minority Appointments Made by Governor Scott

Tallahassee, FL – In a rejection of public record procedure that all citizens and journalists must follow, the Republican Party of Florida used shady back-channel methods to find out the race and political affiliation of more than 200 minority appointees made by Rick Scott, reported the Florida Times–Union.

“Rick Scott’s summer keeps getting worse,” said FDP Executive Director Scott Areceneaux. “In the latest scandal, Rick Scott’s Republican Party of Florida has been caught getting information on the Governor’s minority appointees through back-channel methods reporters and ordinary citizens would not have access to. As a result of media inquiry, Rick Scott’s office was forced to change their records request policy. Voters are tired of the never-ending scandals from Rick Scott and Florida Republicans. This governor isn’t looking out for regular Floridians — he’s busy saying or doing anything that will help him win reelection.”

The RPOF’s explanation that they were merely helping a third party group obtain the information raises more questions than it answers: Has the RPOF used their back-channel methods that skirt public records procedure to obtain information for other third party groups? What other requests have they used this method for? Why do they feel the need to skirt around public records request procedure?

Floridians are waiting for answers.

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