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Concerned Floridians Deliver Flyer to Congressman Southerland's Town Hall

Tallahassee – This morning, as Congressman Steve Southerland held a town hall in Tallahassee, concerned Floridians, seniors, and students, delivered this flyer to Congressman Southerland, highlighting the Congressman’s record of obstructing solutions and failing to solve problems in Washington. The flyer is available online here and below.

“Congressman Southerland’s broken politics represent everything Floridians hate about Washington,” said Florida Democratic Party Press Secretary Max Steele. “At every turn Congressman Southerland is obstructing commonsense solutions and failing to solve problems in Washington. North Floridians are tired of Congressman Southerland’s broken politics and they are speaking out.” 



113th Congress Is “The Least Productive Congress Ever.” “The 112th Congress passed just 561 bills, the lowest number since they began keeping these stats way back in 1947.” [Washington Post7/17/13]

Tampa Bay Times: Southerland “killed reauthorization of the farm bill.” Southerland effectively killed reauthorization of the farm bill with a controversial last-minute amendment” [Tampa Bay Times, 6/30/13]

Congressman Southerland Condemned By Students “For Voting to Make Students Pay More.” “Students speaking out against student loan rate hikes. Joined by state representative Alan Williams, students condemning Congressman Steve Southerland for voting to make students pay more and they are urging him to stop student loan rates from spiking. Representative Williams says the clock is ticking and North Florida families need Congressman Southerland to stand up to the broken politics of Washington. If Congress fails to act, loan rates will double for students across Florida come July 1st.” [WXTL, 6/20/13]

Congressman Southerland Supported Privatizing Social Security. In 2010, Southerland said, “I think we’re going to have to address some kind of privatization, in some way. Not perhaps all of Social Security…maybe those that are just starting out. Maybe those employees that are 30 and under. That there’s some type of privatization.” In 2011, Southerland voted against a measure that would protect Social Security benefits from privatization. [Southerland Campaign Mayo Event, 5/08/10; HJR 48, Vote #178, 2/15/11]


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