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As Florida GOP Defends Controversial Comments, Rep. Janet Cruz Speaks Out

Tallahassee, FL — Today, Representative Janet Cruz (D-Tampa) condemned the Republican Party of Florida’s offensive comments about Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz and FDP Chairwoman Allison Tant.
In a series of absurd statements yesterday, RPOF Chairman Lenny Curry accused Democrats of “sucker punching” the Florida GOP by raising the issue of the Chairman’s own offensive words. He went on to state that “it ain’t gonna be all be sunshine and rainbows,” apparently warning of coming reprisals from the Florida GOP. Through a staffer, he made the bizarre accusation that Chairwoman Tant was sexist herself for raising this issue.
Rep. Janet Cruz (D-Tampa) said, “The pejorative, juvenile, and sexist comments from the Republican Party of Florida must stop. It’s unacceptable to call female Florida leaders names one wouldn’t use with a man, and that have special meaning when referring to women. That is obvious. The GOP’s comments have dragged the political debate in Florida into the mud. Chairman Curry must apologize to every Florida woman for these comments.” 
Read It To Believe It:
@LennyCurry: “You throw sucker punches at @FloridaGOP members it ain’t gonna be sunshine and rainbows. So keep sucker punching my man!” (Twitter, 8/22/13)
Republican Party of Florida: Accusations of sexism wrong, “only person who can be accused of being sexist in this case is Allison Tant.” (@JeremySWallace, 8/22/13)
@FFYR: We are PROUD to stand with @FloridaGOP Chairman @lennycurry! These women are pathetic. (Twitter, 8/22/13)
What They’re Saying:
Capitol News Service: “Attacking democratic women is a risky move.” Sexist or not, Political scientist Carol Weisert says attacking democratic women is a risky move. “Given that 51, 52% of the voters are women, I’m surprised they are going into that area,” says Weissert. (Capitol News Service, 8/22/13)
Tampa Bay Times: Fla Dem Chair hits GOP chair for “sexist” attacks. The Republican Party of Florida has fired off a bunch of releases recently referring to Democratic Chairwoman Allison Tant as TANT RANT. Yesterday, the state GOP sent releases referring to Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz of Florida as “Debbie Dunce.” (The Buzz Blog,8/22/13)
Florida Dems Sign Up Chairman Curry For His Own “Civility” Initiative
@MaxASteele: After all of his sexist name-calling, I signed @lennycurry up for his own Civility Project initiative. #sayfie #pfa (Twitter, 8/22/13)

Get the Facts:

August 22nd: RPOF insults Congresswoman Wasserman Schultz’s intelligence with “Debbie Dunce.” Rather than disagree with Congresswoman Wasserman Schultz on the merits of Obamacare, the Republican Party of Florida stooped to a pejorative insult that they would never use with a man. (RPOF press release, 8/21/13)

August: 4 times in 4 days, RPOF Yells “RANT”. Over 4 days in August, RPOF yells “RANT” 4 times when addressing viewpoints expressed by FDP Chair Tant. (Search of, 8/22/13)

May, June, and July: Chair Tant Expresses Democratic Viewpoints, RPOF Yells “RANT”. Over and over, RPOF shouts “RANT” at FDP Chair Allison Tant when she expresses a Democratic viewpoint. (Search of, 8/22/13)
February: RPOF Chairman Lenny Curry Announces “Florida Civility Project.” In a letter to “Florida conservative leaders” that a Republican shared with the Buzz, Curry makes a pitch for the Florida Civility Project, which he said would invite people to “join together and work toward common sense solutions through friendly debate and discussion, while avoiding negative attacks and the politics of personal destruction.” (Tampa Bay Times, 2/27/13)
Lenny Curry’s “Florida Civility Project” website is still available at

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