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Rick Scott Fails to Attend his own Education Summit

Tallahassee, FL — After a scandal-plagued summer, Rick Scott sought to stabilize his education agenda with a three-day “education summit.” However, Rick Scott isn’t showing up. After spending Monday and Tuesday in Tallahassee, his public schedule for today shows that he will be in South Florida, 300 miles from his summit.
“After a disastrous summer for Florida’s education system, Rick Scott should have learned a lesson about hands-on management,” said Florida Democratic Party Chair Allison Tant. “Instead, he cannot even be bothered to attend his own education summit, which he himself said was designed to improve communication and confidence in Florida’s schools. If Floridians cannot even count on Rick Scott will show up for his own appointments, how can they be confident he will lead Florida’s schools and help our kids succeed?

“We are seeing the same detached and uncaring attitude from Rick Scott that has led to historic cuts to education, pink slips for thousands of teachers, and a pattern of incompetence and dishonesty among the people he hires.”

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