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Seeing Through Rick Scott's Spin

Tallahassee, FL —  Rick Scott’s lofty campaign promise of cutting taxes and fees by $500 million dollars next year has run square into reality. Yesterday, state economists released their three year budget forecast that put the Governor in an awkward spot while running for reelection: there’s not enough money to make significant investments in Florida schools and deliver on his election year tax cut promise.

“After falsely claiming that the state would have more general revenue than at any time in Florida history, Rick Scott, as desperate politicians do, was quick to make big election year promises,” said Florida Democratic Party Chair Allison Tant. “But when asked for even the most basic details of how he would deliver on his proposed tax cut, Rick Scott, as failed leaders do, took the 5th, making it clear that this is nothing more than an election year gimmick.

“Voters deserve to know just how much education funding will suffer because the Governor wants a new talking point for his reelection campaign. After over $1.3 billion in cuts from education, our kids cannot afford to fall victim to Rick Scott’s political games again.”

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