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Reelection Looming, Rick Scott Resumes Discredited Voter Purge

Tallahassee, FL – Governor Rick Scott is set to resume his discredited voter purge, which last year resulted in thousands of honest citizens being targeted for removal from the voter rolls.

There is simply no basis in fact or logic to justify another failed purge from Rick Scott and the Florida GOP. It represents an expensive and time consuming solution to a nonexistent problem. Just last week the Florida Department of Law Enforcement concluded yet another investigation into voter fraud — and came up empty-handed with no charges filed. Recently a Republican Supervisor of Elections said that supervisors of elections across the state “just don’t have any confidence in the information the state sends” to carry out Scott’s purge.

“After Rick Scott’s first discredited voter purge, which resulted in targeting far more legal voters than illegal voters, the Governor is back at it,” said FDP Chair Allison Tant. “This blatantly partisan effort smacks of political expediency, and discredits GOP efforts to court minority voters.

“But that’s just what we’ve come to expect from Rick Scott, who, after seeing the debacle that was the 2012 elections, concluded, ‘The right thing happened.'”

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