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Pam Bondi Demonstrates Her Misguided Priorities

Tallahassee, FLLast Friday, the News Service of Florida reported that Attorney General Pam Bondi had a murderer’s execution rescheduled because it conflicted with a political fundraiser. A full three days later, Bondi finally admitted that she “should not have requested that the date of the execution be moved,” but has still failed to apologize for shirking her duty to Floridians.

“Everyone can agree that this is disgusting and wrong. The people of Florida expect their public officials to place their job before their own reelection fundraising,” said Florida Democratic Party Chair Allison Tant. “Pam Bondi’s decision to prioritize political fundraising over Florida’s criminal justice system represents a breach of the public trust and shows callous disregard for the families of Marshall Lee Gore’s victims.

“Bondi must formally apologize to the people of Florida and those who saw justice for their murdered loved ones delayed. That is the least they deserve after she so blatantly neglected her duties as Attorney General.”

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