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Rick Scott's Bandwagon of False Promises to the Middle Class Rolls to South Florida Today

Tallahassee, FL – Today, Rick Scott’s bandwagon of false promises embarks on yet another “listening tour,” this time asking Floridians which taxes he should cut. Unable to offer any specifics about his tax plan, Rick Scott argues that we should just trust him. 

Judging by his record, it’s clear that Rick Scott is making promises to the middle class that we know he does not intend to keep. The special interests, the wealthy, and the well-connected will get a sweetheart tax break — on the backs of honest Florida families.

“As Rick Scott’s bandwagon of false promises to the middle class rolls through Florida this week, the Governor can expect to hear from Floridians who desperately need help. Too many children need a better education. Too many Floridians are unemployed, and good-paying jobs are too hard to find,” said Florida Democratic Party Chair Allison Tant. “Rick Scott’s response is to trumpet another taxpayer giveaway to the big special interests and the well-connected. Over and over again, Rick Scott has demonstrated he has the wrong priorities for Florida’s families.”

The truth is that Rick Scott will say anything to get reelected, even if it’s just another false promise. Last week, the Associated Press reported that Rick Scott’s tax plan leaves no room to invest in Florida’s families — including in areas Rick Scott has promised he would invest, such as education.

Just yesterday, PolitiFact said Rick Scott’s claims of credit for Florida’s economy “ignores critical facts” and “trends nationwide” — and is “mostly false.” Unfortunately for Floridians, Rick Scott’s policies aren’t working, no matter what he says.


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