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Pasco County Voters Have a Clear Choice

In 30 days, voters will choose between Tallahassee power brokers and an independent voice for Pasco County

Tallahassee, FL — With the election results in Pasco County, the voters of House District 36 have a clear choice: Amanda Murphy, a businesswoman who will be an independent voice for Pasco County, or Bill Gunter, a politician hand-picked by party leadership who is bought and paid for by well-connected lobbyists who do not have Pasco County’s best interest in mind.

Amanda Murphy is a businesswoman who knows how to spur job creation and will be an independent voice for Pasco County. Over the past few weeks, she has built a grassroots campaign that has already reached tens of thousands of District 36 voters.

“Bill Gunter is the textbook example of a politician who’s bought and paid for by the wealthy Tallahassee interests,” said Florida Democratic Party Chairwoman Allison Tant. “Only a paltry 5% of Bill Gunter’s campaign cash came from Pasco County, and he has raised more money from outside the state of Florida than he has from people in the district he is trying to represent. Amanda Murphy will represent Pasco County as a strong and independent voice committed to creating jobs and investing in education.”

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