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Desperate for Votes, Rick Scott Takes Credit for Obamacare's Jobs Success in Tampa

 Governor takes credit for ACA successes, while continuing to obstruct it at every turn

Tallahassee, FL – Yesterday, Rick Scott announced that a Tampa company, HealthPlan Services, would be creating 1,000 new jobs. But Rick Scott forgot to mention that HealthPlan Services’s expansion was a direct result of the Affordable Care Act. This is the same Rick Scott who called Obamacare “biggest job-killer ever.”

HealthPlan CEO Jeffrey Bak said that his firm would “probably not” be expanding if it wasn’t for the Affordable Care Act.

“Rick Scott’s shame knows no bounds,” said Florida Democratic Party Executive Director Scott Arceneaux. “Rick Scott’s partisan opposition to Obamacare — which he financed with millions of dollars of his own money — paved the way for his entire political career. Obstructing the Affordable Care Act, no matter the consequences for Floridians, is one of this governor’s core priorities, going so far as to deny Floridians access to vital information about their own health care.”

“Now that Rick Scott is running for reelection, he will say anything to try to win votes — even take credit for jobs that were created due to the Affordable Care Act he has consistently and bitterly opposed,” added Arceneaux.

Meanwhile, Rick Scott’s administration continues to obstruct Obamacare at every turn, including recently banning new federal workers charged with helping the uninsured get health care, called “navigators,” from Florida government buildings.

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