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Stop Passing the Buck

It’s Time for Rick Scott to Apologize for Delaying Execution for Bondi Fundraiser 

Yesterday, it was widely reported that Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi finally apologized for delaying a serial killers execution so she could attend a fundraiser for her reelection. Rick Scott, however, has yet to apologize. Instead, the Governor has consistently passed the buck and thrown his Attorney General under the bus by refusing to take responsibility.  

“This incredible lapse of judgment falls squarely on the shoulders of Rick Scott, who granted the request. Rick Scott either did not bother to find out the reason for the delay, or was complicit in helping Bondi shirk her most solemn duties as Attorney General,” said FDP Chair Allison Tant

“It is long past time that Rick Scott take responsibility and apologize to the families of Marshall Lee Gore’s victims, and to the people of Florida for this incredible lapse in judgment. Scott must stop passing the buck acknowledge the fact that as Governor, he alone is in charge of making these decisions. The people of Florida deserve better.”


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