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Polling: Rick Scott's Summer Campaigning Completely Failed

New Poll Shows Floridians Have No Faith in This Governor

Tallahassee, FL — The results of Rick Scott’s summer of constant campaigning for reelection are in, and it’s bad news for Rick Scott. Months of photo op after photo op have failed to get Floridians to forget his failed record as governor.

New poll numbers prove that voters have not forgotten that he cut over $1.3 billion from education, has doled out taxpayer-funded giveaways to big corporations, and has fought tooth and nail against expanding access to affordable healthcare in Florida.

“The voters of Florida have seen through Rick Scott’s governance by campaign photo-op and they are not fooled,” said FDP Executive Director Scott Arceneaux. “Rick Scott has nothing to show for a whole summer of campaigning. In fact, his approval rating is underwater by 22 points. It is abundantly clear that voters fundamentally do not trust this governor, and what’s worse, have no faith in his ability to help Floridians in this difficult economy. Voters are ready for change in 2014.”

A closer look at the new Public Policy Polling poll paints an even darker picture for Rick Scott. The Governor trails by double digits in every key demographic:

  • Rick Scott has a 34-point deficit with women.
  • He has 36-point deficit with independent voters.
  • He has a 30-point deficit with Hispanics.
  • Voters under 45 years old disapprove of Rick Scott by 43 points.
  • Voters over 65 disapprove of the governor by 13 points.

Rick Scott spent every spare moment of the past summer campaigning for reelection. He has nothing to show for it.

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