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Ted Yoho's Continued War on Facts, Reality

Following today’s Republican Study Committee Meeting, default denier Rep. Ted Yoho told reporters that “Somebody needs to convince me why we need to raise the debt ceiling.”

Well someone should show Congressman Yoho what top business leaders and economists have said about the economic impact of failing to pay our nation’s bills:


“Top Bankers Warn on U.S. Debt Proposal”  [Wall Street Journal, 10/7/13]

“Debt Ceiling Deadline Gets Closer; Economists Warn of Dire Impacts”  [WHNT, 10/7/13]

“CEOs Warn Of ‘Extremely Adverse’ Effects Of Debt Ceiling Standoff.”  [Reuters, 10/2/13]

“Economists Fear Debt Ceiling Fight May Bring Recession”  [CNN Money, 10/4/13]

“As Debt-Limit Deadline Nears, Investors Show Growing Concern About A U.S. Default”  [Washington Post, 10/8/13]

“Debt Ceiling Concerns Drag On Wall Street”  [Contra Costa Times, 10/7/13]

“IMF Chief Economist: U.S. Default Would Likely Cause Recession”  [Reuters, 10/8/13]

“As U.S. Approaches Debt Ceiling, Fears Of Global Recession Increase”  [Washington Post, 10/9/13

“World Bank President: Debt Debate Could Be Dire”  [USA Today, 10/8/13]

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