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Pam Bondi's Extremely Misguided Priorities

Tallahassee, FL – You would think Pam Bondi would tread lightly in her campaign decisions after her disastrous choices over last few weeks…but you would be wrong.

Pam Bondi is again putting herself in the spotlight with a campaign decision that illustrates just how out of touch she is with Florida voters. Last month she decided to reschedule an execution so she could attend her own fundraiser. Despite widespread condemnation, she went ahead with the fundraiser anyway. Then she announced she was considering investigating Donald Trump, but three days later she accepted a $25,000 check from him for her re-election.

Now she’s abandoning her duties here in Florida to fly to Virginia for an event with far-right Republican gubernatorial candidate Ken Cuccinelli on Monday. After publicly shirking her duties and the integrity of her office, Bondi is now telling Floridians that her priority is getting a fellow out-of-touch GOP Attorney General elected Governor in another state.  

“The minimum voters should be able to expect in their elected officials is for them to do their job, but Pam Bondi cannot even meet that low standard. By leaving Florida and campaigning for Ken Cuccinelli in Virginia, she is putting an extreme social agenda ahead of her duty to everyday Floridians,” said FDP Chair Allison Tant

“Campaigning for an extreme rightwing candidate in Virginia is the last thing voters want from their Attorney General. Cuccinelli’s strong-arm tactics against women’s health care, bullying Virginia’s Board of Health and advocating for personhood legislation that could ban common forms of birth control, are shameful — and Pam Bondi should be ashamed to be spending a workday supporting Cuccinelli’s extreme agenda,” added Tant.

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