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If Rick Scott Says "Great Job," Start Updating Your Resume

Rick Scott says that his Chief of Staff, Adam Hollingsworth, is “doing a great job” and will “continue to do a great job” in the wake of two seperate academic fraud scandals. (Read more here)

Sound familiar? Let’s consult the history books:


July 31, 2013: Two days before his third Education Commissioner resigned this summer Rick Scott said, “Tony Bennett is doing a great job.”

July 18, 2013: The day DCF head David Wilkins resigned, Scott said, “David did a great job.”

December 4, 2012: Rick Scott’s handpicked “jobs czar,” Hunting Deutsch, resign in scandal. Announcing his hiring that same year, Rick Scott said, “I am confident he will do a great job as the head of DEO.” 

August 7, 2012: Asked if he wanted to keep Lt. Governor Jennifer Carroll the ticket in 2014, Scott said, “She’s done a great job, why wouldn’t I?”

August 2, 2012: Following Education Commissioner Gerard Robinson’s abrupt resignation, Scott said, “He’s done a great job.”

May 7, 2012: Just seven days before his embattled chief of staff Steve MacNamara resigned, Scott said, “he’s done a great job.”


If Rick Scott says you’ve done “a great job,” you should probably start updating your resume.

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