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Carlos Lopez-Cantera: Wrong for Florida

Rick Scott Picks Partisan Tallahassee Insider for Lt. Governor 

Tallahassee, FL — When Rick Scott announces his selection of Carlos Lopez-Cantera as his Lt. Governor and 2014 running mate tomorrow, he will be doubling down on the toxic Tallahassee politics that is hurting Florida families. Rick Scott and Carlos Lopez-Cantera have the same misguided priorities, putting the middle class last, hurting public schools, raising tuition, and suppressing the vote.

“Carlos Lopez-Cantera is the poster child for what is wrong with Tallahassee today, an ultra-partisan career politician who spent his time in Tallahassee putting big corporations and wealthy special interests ahead of middle class families. By choosing a partisan product of the pay-to-play culture of Tallahassee in Lopez-Cantera as Florida’s Lt. Governor, Rick Scott is proving that he is exactly the type of politician he promised he would never be — more interested in scoring political points than commonsense solutions to the problems facing Florida,” said Florida Democratic Party Chair Allison Tant.

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