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Desperate For Help

While the Executive Director of DOE, Jesse Panuccio, says that no one feels worse over the failing unemployment system than he does, unemployed Floridians beg to differ. They are pawning property, donating blood, and left looking for help anywhere they can find it. 

What’s missing? Rick Scott’s leadership. In the disastrous three months since CONNECT launched, Rick Scott has been worse than silent — he has been dismissing of the problems his administration is inflicting on thousands of Floridians.

Key Point: Kimberly Jones of Largo, FL recently lost her job, immediately applied for unemployment and was accepted in October. So far she has only received $320 of the $3,700 she is owed.  “I thought the people in our government were supposed to look after us, you know. I thought, that is why they are there,” Jones said. “I am at a loss. I don’t know what else to do.” 

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