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Throwback Thursday: Carlos Lopez-Cantera – A Tea Partier Before the Tea Party Was Cool

The Wealthy Special Interests Get What they Want from this Career Politician — the Middle class Gets Nothing


Tallahassee, FL — Rick Scott hopes this week makes Floridians forget the past, and he’s pinned his hopes on his appointment of career politician Carlos Lopez-Cantera. So on this Throwback Thursday, let’s remember some highlights of Rick Scott’s new running mate’s ultra-conservative record:


2011: Supported $1.3 billion in cuts to education. In 2011, Lopez-Cantera voted to cut $1.3 billion from Florida’s public schools. Thousands of teachers were fired, class sizes increased, and classes were cut from public schools across Florida.

2010: Whipped votes for mandatory invasive ultrasounds. In 2010, acting as House Majority Whip, Lopez-Cantera advocated for forcing women undergo an invasive and expensive medical procedure before they could access a legal abortion.

2009: Supported near-shore drilling. In 2009, Lopez-Cantera voted to allow oil drilling right off Florida’s coast  — wiping out decades of bipartisan agreement that Florida’s shores are the economic engine of our state.

2007: Sponsored big taxpayer handouts to some of Florida’s biggest corporations. In 2007, Lopez-Cantera sponsored legislation and voted to give millions in tax revenue to wealthy special interests. 


…And of Course, We Can’t Forget: Supported Senate Bill 6, which stripped teachers of crucial protections and hurt public schools.

The evidence is clear: The wealthy special interests get what they want from career politician Carlos Lopez-Cantera — the middle class gets nothing.


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