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Someone Told Rick Scott that Voters Care about Education

Today, in his latest reelection campaign stunt, Rick Scott announced his education budget for 2014.

When Rick Scott took office, his leadership was tested by the Great Recession. Scott chose to protect corporate tax giveaways and wealthy special interests, and wanted to cut nearly $3.3 billion from education. The next year, he cut $300 million from Florida universities. He failed the test. Rick Scott didn’t help Florida’s kids when they needed his help most.

Today, Rick Scott is trying to hide his real record, but Floridians aren’t buying it. His new education budget doesn’t restore his massive cuts to Bright Futures scholarships, and it still sends millions of public tax dollars to for-profit charter schools. Under Rick Scott, our schools just aren’t good enough. Rick Scott’s Department of Education is in chaos, with four education commissioners in four years. Our kids deserve better. 

Florida Democratic Party Chair Allison Tant said, “Rick Scott thinks he needs to begin this election year by rewriting his record. But Floridians remember Rick Scott’s record. Scott has consistently put corporate tax giveaways first and put the needs of Florida’s kids last. When they go to the polls this November, Floridians won’t remember this Governor’s politically motivated education budget. They’ll remember that when they needed this Governor’s help most, he ignored them.”

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